“I am impressed by advanced technology of Indar’s manufacturing. It has to be shown not only to those who are involved in pharmaceutical industry, but also to everyone who wants to have a modern production, because here, practically for the first time ever in our country, the GMP standards are adopted – the standards of the best manufacturing. This is a great illustration of Ukrainian biotechnological possibilities…”

Borys Paton
President of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Manufacturing of insulin is a complicated science-intensive biotechnological process. Only a few manufacturing plants worldwide managed to implement full technological cycle of insulin production – from fermentation to finished dosage forms. And PrJSC “Indar” - among those few.

Modern technological infrastructure of sites and IT-technologies allow managing manufacturing processes, accomplishing constant control of product quality and documenting the monitoring results automatically, achieving maximum purity of insulin substance and producing medications of the highest quality.