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INDAR`s Insulin Manufacturing Corresponds to the International GMP Standards

In January 2018, PrJSC "INDAR" successfully passed an on-site inspection for the compliance of insulin medications with the international standards of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), as it was reported in the official journal of the federal government of Brazil (Diário Oficial da União).

We received confirmation from the National Sanitary Surveillance Agency of Brazil (ANVISA *) that GMP certificate has been extended for 2 years.

Previous ANVISA inspections were carried out at the company in 2010, 2013, 2015 and the results of these inspections were positive.

In the world practice the certificate of Good Manufacturing Practice for Medicinal Products is the main document on the basis of which pharmaceutical production is carried out.

Reference: *ANVISA is the regulatory authority of the Brazilian Government responsible for the regulation and approval of pharmaceutical drugs, sanitary standards and regulation of the food industry in Brazil.