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World Diabetes Day 2014

2000 of Ukrainians had an opportunity to check their blood sugar level for free within a special action dedicated to the World Diabetes Day. This important and interesting event took place with support of "Indar", the enterprise in Ukraine producing insulin and Ukrainian Diabetes Association. Each visitor of the one of the biggest Kiev shopping center was able to find out more about diabetes treatment and prevention directly from doctors, and to take part in various quizzes, flashmob activities, entertaining competitions.

Sportive fathers were burning calories on an elliptical trainer, mothers and their kids were creating poems about healthy lifestyle, and everyone took part in the prize draw. Any and all who are not indifferent to own health and nearest and dearest’s health had received memorable and useful souvenirs. The event was topped of by participants making a big blue circle of balloons - the symbol of solidarity in the fight against diabetes worldwide. Annually on November, 14th almost for 25 years, such activities under the auspices of the International Diabetes Federation and WHO are held in 145 countries. In such a manner organizations and health officials remind: the incidence of diabetes worldwide is growing steadily. In order to prevent the development of disease when it is possible, to improve the quality and length of life, one needs to know about this socially significant disease as much as possible, and undergo medical examination every six months.

For reference:
According to epidemiological studies, the incidence of diabetes doubles every 15 years.
According to the International Diabetes Federation, the number of diabetics in the world will double by 2025 (to 400 million).
According to the data of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine there were about 1.5 million people with diabetes in 2013 in our country.