Means of insulin administartion

PrJSC “Indar” – exclusive distributor in Ukraine

Needles Insupen are produced in accordance with European quality standard EN ISO 11608-2:2000 "TYPE А" and are adaptable to all insulin syringe pens available on the market.

Reusable pen for insulin cartridges id Pen can administer insulin doses from 1 to 60 insulin units (I.U.) in increments of one insulin unit each.

id Pen is designed to be used with insulin cartridges produced by PrJSC "INDAR" and compatible needles.

The list of compatible needles can be found under Instruction for Use. Do not store with needles.

Avoid direct light, moister and dust. id Pen has 3 years functional life from the date of purchase.

CAUTION! Read the Instruction for Use before using id Pen.

Exclusive distributor in Ukraine: PrJSC "INDAR" Sterile Insulin Syringes with needle 31G/30G/29G with magnifying lens from PIC technology - a real breakthrough in diabetes therapy.