Mission, values​​, aspirations


Indar as a partner of global healthcare system works to ensure long life of proper quality for millions of people who suffer chronic and socially significant diseases.


  • We believe in the power of science, quality of manufacturing and value of each life.
  • We understand the importance of R&D and its implementation into manufacturing practice of innovative and efficient medication.
  • We’re sure that our 15-years experience of daily team work enables us to meet every patient’s need in Ukraine and abroad.
  • We acknowledge social liability towards our patients and fulfill commitments given to our partners.


  • To be national leader in providing patients with vital, essential and affordable medicine of high quality with proven therapeutic effect.
  • Reinforcing positions of trusted and dedicated partner for millions of people living with Diabetes, HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and other chronic diseases.
  • Sustaining irrevocably high level standards of reliable and consistent partnership with professionals in medicine and pharmacy.
  • To advance efficiency of innovative technologies in close cooperation with multinational leaders of pharmaceutical industry.
  • To improve positive image of Ukraine worldwide by exporting biotechnological products and own technologies of their manufacturing.

We value the gift of life and acknowledge social responsibility towards our patients; we meet commitments given to partners and treasure our goodwill therefore eternally improving technologies of manufacturing and controlling efficiency of medicine.