Company History

«The third greatest event in the history of local diabetology is the creation of manufacturing of high-quality Ukrainian insulins at “Indar” plant. One should be historically fair and finally acknowledge the fact that with introduction of “Indar” we overcame the gloomy epoch of local diabetology”.

Andriy Efimov
Academician of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine,
of Academy of Medical Sciences and Russian Academy of Medical Sciences

On January, 29, 1997 the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted a Resolution No. 82 “On arranging the manufacturing of local insulins”. Right from this time commenced the official history of creation and development of the only in Ukraine strategically essential plant with full technological cycle of insulin manufacturing – “Indar”.

During 1998 employees of “Indar” determined and settled some complex legal, property, personnel and financial tasks for putting the company into operation. The first research-and-development projects for highly-purified substances and new pharmaceutical products were started at the enterprise. Qualification of quality, validation of technological processes and computer systems was conducted in line with FDA requirements.

On June, 21, 1999 the “Indar” plant was put into operation. Every consecutive year the manufacturing capacities of the enterprise increased. Key milestone of company development was the development of own manufacturing technology of human recombinant insulin. From October 2000 the plant started manufacturing of products under trademarks “HUMODAR” (human recombinant insulin), “MONODAR” (monocomponent porcine insulin) and also products of other groups – anticoagulants (heparin) and haemostatic products (protamine sulfate).

And that is not the end of the history of Indar but rather the beginning, with new pace of development and incredibly ambitious plans.