Company management


Chairman of the Board PrJSC “Indar”

Graduated National Pharmaceutical Academy of Ukraine (Kharkiv). From 1991 to 1992 worked at Ukrainian consortium “Ecosorb” (manufacturing of sorbents for technical and medical industries). From 1992 to 2012 held executive positions in medical-pharmaceutical Association “Ridan” and Medical-Pharmaceutical company “Ridan-Engineering” (supplies of medical equipment and reagents, export of medical products). Starting 2012 – Chairman of the Board PrJSC “On the production of insulin “Indar”


Deputy Chairman of the Board for quality affairs

Acquired two higher educations - graduated Taras Shevchenko National University in biology-chemistry and Kyiv Investment Management Institute in quality management. Mrs Solyanik is in charge of Quality Affairs Department and Technological Department. Mrs Solyanik is also the Qualified Person responsible for development, organization and improvement of quality management system with purpose of obtaining guarantees that the product quality consistently corresponds to its purpose and requirements of the registration and license documents; control of development, implementation, maintenance and development of process elements, that are required for functioning and constant development of quality management system. Constantly takes professional-qualification courses for pharmaceutical quality system and role of qualified person in its creation and development, statistical methods of quality management, risk analysis, qualification and validation, modern instruments of quality assurance system at pharmaceutical enterprise. Has over 15 years of experience at the position of Deputy Chairman of the Board for Quality Affairs at PrJSC “Indar”


Deputy Chairman of the Board for manufacturing

Acquired higher engineer education, graduated Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, specialty - electrical engineer. Has multiple awards and certificates, including state honorary degree of Honored Inventor of Ukraine. Has over 40 years of experience in manufacturing, having started as technician, then engineer, engineer-constructor and chief constructor of one of the defense enterprises and then Deputy Chairman of the Board for manufacturing at PrJSC “Indar”. Mr Stadnyk is in charge of manufacturing at the enterprise – producing sites and engineer-technical services. Everything above mentioned allows to confidently manage manufacturing process at PrJSC “Indar”.


Deputy Chairman of the Board for capital construction

Acquired higher engineer education, graduated Lviv Polytechnic Institute, faculty of organic substances technology, specialty “Technology of main and oil-chemical synthesis”. Worked as electrical fitter of Striy expedition of geophysical research in clefts, engineer-technologist VO Lvivkhimsilgospmash, deputy director of Research construction-technological bureau MNTK “Electrowelding” of E.O.Paton, was in charge of Republican art-producing Center “Sigma”. In years 2003-2005 worked as Head of administration of Commercial Affairs Department DC “Gas of Ukraine”. During 2005-2006 was Head of administration of realization of products manufactured by NAC “Naftogas of Ukraine”, organized development of AGNKS network up to year 2016 and was in charge of creation of Direction for construction of AGNKS network. During next 5 years (2006-2010) worked as Deputy Chairman of the Board ZAT “Internaftogas”, head of construction project of methanol plant, organized research-exploring and project-construction works and selection of technological equipment. From year 2010 to 2011 held position of Deputy Head of Lviv State Administration for PEK, ZhKG and infrastructure. From 2013 – Deputy Chairman of the Board for capital construction PrJSC “Indar”.